Saturday, July 23, 2016

Success. Is it Really What The Coach Pep Talk is All About?

The Definition of Success.

I find myself digging deep these past weeks.  Really mulling over a lot of things (Business, Life, Friends, Family, and Myself).  And from all this what has mainly bubble up to the surface is how success is defined or perceived.  How it is perceived by other people you are collaborating and working with or working for.  I guess it can sugar off to point of view. But success, I feel for all no matter who you are what you do or what your perspective, is that warm fuzzy that makes you hair stand up:

  • Kicking a Soccer Goal 
  • Refinishing an old Rocking Chair
  • Striking an Arc and Nice Welding Bead
  • Landing a New bike Trick 
  • Finding a Lost Partition on a Corrupt Hard Drive, and High Fiving when you do!

 I am sidetracking, if that is a word. But really, recently I was collaborating with a few folks on a software hardware IT project, we had a lot of great breakthroughs, it was success in a team aspect, the parallel thinking of two or more arriving at an end result the success was the sharing the predictive understanding of the scope and task that we all bring to the table.  It is challenging working with others, knowing when to stand down or rise up, but you will dam well know when the success is reached.  You will feel that the common cooperation/collaboration of one step in front of each other  as well as in unison.  Boom!  It is really a common idea of what needs to be delivered.

Enter Erik Piip, a friend collaborator, my goto person for challenging hardware and software questions and support.  He is a veteran computer person and one of my many mentors.  He has seen it all. Seen failure and success over and over again in projects and tasks.  Usually defined by the hardware and software that defines the current technology which is always changing.  Erik 'gets it'.  He has seen most binary mishaps.  I and like others in IT have as well, yet he just has veteran knowledge and experiences- his success if you will.  He understands the delivery model and the arrival at success the common in sync or predictive warm fuzzy you get when you thread that needle that arriving at the unreachable goal.

Erik has seen technology in its dwarf infancy clunky, slow and large.  It was warm dusty, and cumbersome.  Not at all like the slick sexy, lean and quick gadgets of today.  This was the trend of technology in the 70's, he lived it as it approached what it is today and continues to morph into.  Right.... Success, that is what we are talking about.  Rapid change with deliverables in a collaborative team environment.  The cradle to grave of a magnitude of gadgets rolling out weekly monthly as circuit and processing chip changes.  I can only look back based on a great book by Walter Isaacson: The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution.

This Book explores the history of the key technological innovations that are prominent in the digital revolution, most notably the parallel developments of the computer and the Internet. It became a New York Times bestseller.[15] Writing for the New York Times, Janet Maslin described the author as "a kindred spirit to the visionaries and enthusiasts" who Isaacson wrote about.[16]

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