Thursday, July 7, 2016

It Takes a Village- Thank You for My Education

Family and Friends
So I'm 42 years old, and it still takes a village to succeed, strive and live in this world.  The old saying goes ‘give a person a fish he eats for a day, teach a person to fish they eat forever’.  Yes that is right, but I’m not wagging my finger in your face on not on my soap box making a speech. Instead, I’m truly speaking from the heart here.  Everyday, I came across situation where I, or my colleagues, are learning from others’ learning from how we were treated or have experienced our past journey, growing up and living.  

I recently talked to some old family friends. We reminisced about how it was not just direct family that influenced me in my upbringing, but how others did too.  It was the hour ride down the highway to visit my mother, sick in the hospital, offered up by the community at large in our small town.  These people recognized that not only was there a need to visit and support a person who is sick but to make it easy, wrap each other in love, create a transparent and accessible mode for her son and daughter to visit their sick mother without a stigma or feel of weirdness even though it was a bizarre strange time for us all.  This was not like a charity case scenario, it was the definition of transparent compassion that comes from one's inside understanding of the human condition.  The visitations, and driving, and my mom’s sickness for that matter, was not a major headline and ordeal, they were offerings to my, dad, my sister, and other family friends to feel a part/included in the world’s day to day operations.  Although a strange situation, to me it was not stage at all.  

I translate these action into my day-to-day understanding and operations as #radandy and at Mosedale Integrated Solutions.  I reach out, listen actively, and pay forward in kind offerings the same ones afforded to me.  This can be in the form of explaining a system and its set up in general terms, it could be sharing skills regarding woodworking, and crafting, be proud of a creation one has made.  It is the joy of the story, the explanation of the #shredderbot story at a local school.  Prototyping a medical device which had been a hand-drawn sketch that my son had transposed into digital format. Pure joy! You remember the ones who influenced you and currently at time I have connected with them recently and it has been a great reminder of who I am and how I got here.   
A mentor
Some call it tough love or a ‘chalk it up to experience on the job training’, but real education is expensive.  You can’t learn startup entrepreneurship and business growth and strategy until you are actually doing it.  I again was fortunate and thankful although painful at times (arguing over invoices, time, billing, defending why systems are not functioning, etc. etc)  to have had great mentor and business experiences that have allowed me to make more strategic and thoughtful decisions.  Yes, I left a lot of money on the negotiation table, yes I have done projects that if you will, ‘have blow up on my face’.  But, as I have learned to pace and listen actively I have become better about scoping out client needs for projects, my task requirements and client expectations are clearly identified. Boom! Success, achievement, but it’s not the holy grail and I learned to fish a little better.  This process involved a small group of people, including clients, business mentors and associates. Together, they all got me there. Thank You.

A student

It is funny how we really learn a task, or about ourselves (communication, effectiveness, delivery, and personal engagement) by teaching.  I think that is my best on the job training., explaining again and again the network settings, or how the configuration of a switch or firewall needs to be done.  I do that exercise, the guiding and explaining and it allows me to do it again, the next time easier, clarity faster with more understanding of the task.  So, as the students, bright-eyed and eager to hear the directive discourse, I am happy to burn these explanatory tasks, processes in learning and discovering, in someone's (student, client, associate and partner) brain and thankful everyday that they indirectly and solidly wind up in mine too.

It Begins with You

Bla, bla touchy feely stuff right.  So where is the truth here, our drive, our learning. We make choices and decisions, that has cause and effect.  I recently had a discussion about this and about how our inner cause and effect cannot really be applied to a set of rules and functions that we, as society, live in.  We act and behave as we are our ‘relational framework’ but we cannot template these skewed, although positive, perspectives, that we live by as individuals over the larger rules and runnings of the world we live in.  It is us, as a people, as individuals, as business,and that inner cause. Justification cannot be what is around us in the world.  So, to a person, an individual, a business, our definition is us, but, it is not the word.  It is our teaching and what we learn in us and in our world.  Maybe I’m talking in circles here, and again we get so far and then there are times we need a nudge, an insight from someone else, not a finger wagged in one's face, rather an inner understanding, it takes a village.       

Sunday, July 3, 2016

When Fishing is Like Work

#radandy: The balance between work and play=plork..

It was placid water that day.  My wife Cindy Mosedale and I on a paddle board adventure.  It was not hard to agree.  They say "a bad day of fishing is better that a good day at work".  Truth.  But even the good days at work still are like fishing for something.

We strive for excellence - push papers obsessed over Google Docs. Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, Salesforce, bla bla - it goes on...
The perfect firewall configuration, hotel access points, no internet connection??
We need to take time and listen and be patient (wait for the strike, the bite) - during all these moments
Lets breath in the air above the water
Lets let the attendant at the register change the receipt paper roll- there is no rush

We rush the big ones to the boat only to have it fall off hook
We meet a deadline only find out the members involved are on vacation (disappointment of fishing for nothing)
But rather it is something as the water laps up against the board

So as we strive, seek, hunt, and look for elusive trout bass, pike, and perch.   We do the same in the cracks and voids of work - startup momentum questing for success.  I have said this before but it is just plain old survival trying to make a living. Is is great it is an adventure, scary at times, peaceful at times, it's life.  I personally enjoy the variety of my day to day experiences at Mosedale Integrated Solutions.  A recent tour and consultation at a bag manufacturing facility, the texts communications with the Creative Director at MIS Judi McCormick, communication with people at the co-working space, partner and client jibber jabber: camera installations, regarding next steps in #shredderbot and MISmakers.  It is diverse ever changing environment, just as the water, weather, wind on the paddle board and casting a line. Fishing is like work. 

I most regularly get a text from my dad every morning, it's a ‘good morning’ or ‘another beauty’ He shares a tribute to the rise of the sun, a new day.  I cherish that.  For me it fills the gaps at times when the variety and grind of work feels like a concrete block on my back.  The funny thing is there are people, he is one of them who have these lofty insights that seem to strike a cord or hit that feeling people seem to wear on their overwhelming sleeve. When I/we receive these little insights it sets an inspirational landscape- and the water passes under the board, I cast on and on.  These interactions with natural environment or specific people is a kinda wisdom, a sharing that allows one to rise and look hunt for fish, push a paddle board over the water, or just plain close a deal, get productive in the office.

So as the lines hits the water
The paper churns out of the printer
We are proud of our work, our craft as it is printed
We are proud of the hand tied fly that entices the lunker
The invoices go out the checks come in
A back cast and a loop, a snap of a tight line:
fish on!

Yea fishing is a lot like work. The ins and out the details of the client, the day to day, the office (if you will) mechanics and its machines in full production mode. So when you come up short with your creel empty, but you head and heart filled - its work, its better business really.    

Happy Birthday USA, thank you all from #radandy



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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#radandy on “Design: de·sign” /dəˈzīn/

DOT sign images.jpg

Save the Signmaking for the Department of Transportation

I find myself noticing a lot of designs these days, particularly relative to marketing. Design is everywhere, from the cereal box at breakfast to all the #rad pins on Pinterest. Think of frosted blended hues around the Lays logotype on the side of a chip delivery truck, or the homemade sandwich board on the sidewalk luring interest and audience to  question.

I was not formally trained in design, but, I can tell you one thing, industrial arts and art classes in high school saved my ass. In these classes, I was able to work with my hands while I learned that I could inherently critically analyze form and function. I discovered a strong interest in how I wanted to express my ideas through the design or look of a piece. More important to me was, and continues to be, how to present my ideas in a way people would want to utilize them.

Within design there are many ways we can think about utility, form and function. How design appears and appeals to its audience is crucial, specifically in marketing and this brings in the artist's expression as well.

Some formally trained designers may consider me a ‘rock head’, since I hold a degree in hydrology, and have a background in geology as well as technology. Still, I am conscious of how things are presented, and thus, have an interest and tendency toward design. “Form follows function.” For me, all of these parts bounce around in my brain together, and, this is the observation gnawing at me lately...

Sign Makers Are Not Always Designers!

sign router.jpg mike_gessel.jpg

Recently, I was working with a client on digital presence, expression and message delivery across a variety of social media platforms. I was struck by a few examples where the client had posted, for marketing purposes, actual snapshots of the business signs indicating the business. It was like looking at a picture of a picture, or a page in a book, but you could not turn it to read onward to know more. It is my strong opinion that there is no sense in this approach. I would even say it is an actual waste of good creative processing time in taking pictures of signs.

Sign makers are master craftspeople, using technical tools and equipment to craft a tangible object that indicates or represents a place, person or thing. Designers use concept and skill to pull it all together, always with the message for an intended audience in mind.

In a digital space this is more and more of an artistic factor, an emulation of the message in color, or graphical layout. Here we leave the interpretation of imagery up to the audience to make reference to his or her own interpretation. These are thought out based on the time, place or business being represented. Anyone interested has the ability to put that all together in his or her own mind and make connections or take away a message.   

Shout Out!

John Dewey an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer;

Paul Rand, a prominent American Art Director and Graphic Designer.

Both of these men embodied expression and interpretation of thought by reading text and graphics. It is really up to the ‘end user’ to interpret. Both Dewey and Rand guided and conveyed ideas through text and icon/graphical symbols that hold true and live on today and Rand especially embodied the idea.

Dewey's Art as Experience, Rand elaborates on Dewey's appeal: “ [. . . Art as Experience] deals with everything — there is no subject he does not deal with. That is why it will take you one hundred years to read this book. Even today's philosophers talk about it[.] [E]very time you open this book you find good things. I mean, the philosophers say this, not just me. You read this, then when you open this up next year, you read something new.

The Digital Message Hack and the Sign Arrow Indicator

I sit on couches, use tables and chairs, countless hand held objects and tools. These things have all been designed ergonomically. The design fits well with form, function and utility. Not all art and design is utility but is plain beautiful. However, for industry and functional uses, considerations of form and function are critical, as I mentioned. It is certainly not text saying this is a drill; hold here and squeeze trigger. If it works well, and is appealing, there is a balance of artistic expression and function. Some are more balanced to one side than the other depending on function. Nonetheless, if you can't get your hand around a drill handle even though it says drill, it may fail to appeal to the audiences in many ways. So, as we peruse the vast network on images that come across our digital screens, I say the signs we come across traversing real life are better in the context intended: hung out in the open air with an arrow of indication, location, or where, or who…

mis sign.JPG

The message we get when we see a depiction of a brand or the mission of an organization, place or person is the true sign created and intended as Dewey would support for the reader or audience.   


Monday, June 13, 2016

The Color Spectrum random rants- A tribute to Orlando Florida 6-2016

I just hiked a mountain- it’s the real stuff.

So slogging uphill. It’s a hike. Upper altitude - yes! Get high on achievement and mountains. But is the client interface, the banter between a warrantied wifi device and a the vendor. Yes your product does not work. I’m the messenger and my client who is uses your product needs to know it will work. Hey! This is Mosedale Integrated Solutions, we thoughtfully solved problems, fix shit and goddamn we try! Hmmm- it’s what we do.  Sloging uphill is getting groceries, cleaning the kitchen, it is real stuff.  We deal with it professionally and personally.  Saturday house call, computer network visits, Sunday site visit internet checks boom!  A philosophy: a template that holds true- the client.  Follow up, invoice check, and fairness.  #radandy is upfront authentic and we at MIS call a spade a spade. Fuck I’m blogging too. How 22nd century is that? Am I a retro progressive entrepreneur, hardly, just wake up do it again and again: life.  I think we all can relate.  Who hasn't bounced checks, miss communicated and forgot to follow through?  Who hasn't misunderstood expectations and ended on the short list.  Yet we are leaders in vulnerability and empowerment. So deep down I know all that crap will pay off. Attitude and action is everything heck look at Chuck Yeagar:

"He had remarkable 20/10 eyesight, tremendous physical coordination, and an uncanny ability to stay focused in stressful situations. Those traits coupled with a competitive streak and his understanding of machinery caught the attention of his instructors," his website stated. -

See more at:

How long do you or can you wait?
It's all about investment, time money, training, travel, client proposals and engagement. I bet and hope I can retain the monetary loss.  Even some of the monetary loss. I bet and hope that I don’t get cancer, or in a car wreck while texting. I just get up and do. My colleagues my business associates do too. At Mosedale integrated Solutions we learn to keep them close.  So we wait, hopeful.

It Takes a village.
I recently cooked an omelet.  What I usually do is grease the pan mix eggs heat pan drop mixture into egg and milk filling. Pull back sides let liquid fill sides to build solid supple form.  It is ready to flip, but wait - broiler on, top brown filling contents, cast iron in oven. Boom.  That’s a real omelet.  Lucy Briggs taught me this.  Always put omelet in oven for cooking. I learned that never blame a woman's mood on their period, my sisters friend and their after school sessions of General Hospital infuses that into me.  It goes on - long and short when you become misguided in a small town more often than not a friend of a friend or neighbor assists in shedding some authoritative light and guidance. Boom, pay if forward look out for each other.  Even us bloggers commenting and showing love- it takes a village. Yep. Right - O.  

“Life is easier when you are part of a network of friends and family, a neighborhood.”

“You start building a good neighborhood when you yourself decide that you will be a good neighbor”

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."— Mother Theresa

Creative economy = brutal economy
It was a great time, gas was cheap cars were metal and inefficient. And yes, wonder bread was a staple in every household. Men and some women went to work faithfully and had trust in not losing the earnings they made. Times have changed now, we've gone through cycles of shovel ready projects and disrupted Wall Street investments. Trust in the stability of employment is harder to come by. We spin off artistic endeavors. We find something we love and try to make a job out of it, but the strength and capacity of that 1950s employment model is hard to replicate, but required in today's creative economy. It's brutal.

“The American Dream of the 1940s and 1950s was by no means simple. Hard work, family values, and hope still remained the backbone of the dream, but you can see how these two decades expanded upon the dream. Readers, before I let you go, I have one question for you: Do we still have the American Dream in action today? I’m asking you simply because I ask myself this same question all the time.”

Reflections - ick...
So I don't come home to a wife whose ironing, a dinner made, and a lawn that's perfectly manicured. I don't wake up to the comfort and care of a company, its insurance and 401K stability.   So we get creative. We make our own comforts, our own dinners. We respect the people we live with and collaborate with and their efforts to do the same. I'm not saying there's no creativity in the corporate structure or the 1950s lifestyle. What I am saying is that the now ever changing economy forces us to be adaptable and creative. This is a benchmark at Mosedale Integrated Solutions.

Now, we have efficient cars. We eat whole grain bread. Yes, it's brutal, but the pride, passion and desire to be successful and excel in the economy holds true from the 1950s until now. Being creative is being thoughtful in relation to our day to day engagement with clients and people we interact with in general. The business model of the 1950s was always about people and taking care. That part continues to hold true in 2016. We've figured out a way to make that a priority by finding the capacity/stability of the 1950s. All of this applies to entrepreneurs and startups in today's day and age.

To each its end.
Lets celebrate diversity, people, compassion and the authentic self.  Let raise a village from a child and do the hike.  We owe it to ourselves and the important people around us. Fuck, they got us here, right, it takes a village.  It takes being creative, with cutting losses.  George Foss once said, ‘there is always another street car’.  It's not named desire but it is a potential opportunity on the horizon, embrace the creative economy, reflect on the 1950’s and look out for each other. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Everyday isn't a Monday, It’s Hard to Do the Work

Monday again. I am back in the office. Lights are on. keys are stored away. Travel coffee mug companion is next to me. With a certain Monday-like hesitation, I sit.

My lists are many, but I have carefully put them to one side, Pandora is playing in the background. Oh, right—the lists. Hmmmm, which one first? Where have I agreed to go today? What does my schedule tell me to do? Even when the tasks are easy, it can be so hard to do the real work.

I (maybe you too) sit and stare at screens, get caught in internet distractions, delayed by phone calls, follow ups (insert another long list). Almost like the overwhelming blog. But the piercing details of arriving at the office desk, are, at times, truly painful reminders of the mundane, and non billable time as an individual sole proprietor.  I constantly ask myself, ‘what client gets priority?; Who do I begin with?

What Do I Really Want to Do?
There is ping pong in the break room… Yea! Sure I love to play. Why do it if it’s is not fun?  I get pulled in so many directions, with the best intentions for each request. But there are days when I just want to do what I choose. The million dollar question: how do I make doing what I want to do into a profitable business including strategy, personal, and professional satisfaction?  Back to work… I'll kill a few things on the list.” A regular: comb through, and clean up my email. This is almost guaranteed to jar loose some more tasks, projects, bills, (insert another long list) for the pile of unknown and unexpected which gets washed into the bliss of the age of communication. But shit, there is ping pong in the break room! Who is in? Rat a tat tat. The white ball resonates on the table and wall.  As there are always many balls in the air for my team we all know what rings true for us. I am, and we all will always be bouncing a variety of balls. The important part is the rebound of reactions to achieving goals that make them easy for  me to cross items off list- kill. Incentives are good, and after all, I love ping pong in the office.

How To Play Ping Pong AND Focus

I’m not just talking about what is nearsighted and close by, rather a common mission to do the next best thing. And in my case–the business and entrepreneurial model–t is about chasing the dollars. The task itself truly is not gratifying. On top of that, it is awfully bad for focus, in my opinion. This philosophy that takes away from what is apparently in front of us and who we are. If we actually tease out the real goal (aside from money),  the planned communication of  future technology projects with partners and collaborations that enables efficient and solid success. We will go after that, then the money follows the work with authenticity. Eye on the ball, soft touch rebounds easily; hard smash takes laser reaction and decisiveness. But the outcome of the continued volley (chasing the dollar sign) yields the same result.

How I Make the ‘Hard’ ‘Easy’?

If I only knew the magic shortcut! It’s a dance really. A smile after a good client engagement, a firm handshake representing my dedication. The thought of not only reflecting what you say with your body is standard operating procedure at Mosedale Integrated Solutions.  Language is not just voice or sound or diction. It is movement and flow. It is just as much active listening, and eye contact.Recently, I attend a technology meet up with liked minded individuals. The group had a diversity of backgrounds and interests.
I flashed back to my sand box with Kelly Pinkerton. Parallel play translated into major production of roads rivers, and bridges all of the tonka truck city... I refocus, and chime in on the meeting tech speak of assembly language and remember the white ball bounces and keeps its momentum whether it be a soft subtle stroke, or a slammed top spin curve. The hard shots do become easier as does the momentary gaze of the initial office entry and computer screen glare.

I love this bumper sticker, “Earth first we’ll log the other planets later.” It makes me laugh. But really it’s a lofty suggestion, thinking big, dreaming. At Mosedale Integrated Solutions we set forth goals by way of small lists on yellow paper, or executing major projects in full swing putting in antennas on a wall while on ladder. It is boom! We get through our lists, our projects on earth. Then as I have suggested to many of my clients, at the end of a job, next for MIS, we will go to Mars and do it there.  It’s a balance between decisive execution and being authoritative rather than arrogance that makes that makes the hard easy. No matter what the task, ping pong ball rebound, or overwhelming stare at the screen and/or list –we keep looking forward and upward.

As Always

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Money Can Not Match the Value of True Friendship

Take calling your friend on his or her birthday, for example. I must confess I get help from Facebook to keep up. In my profession (which I swear to now call productivity), technology can be useful in that it reminds us of our friends’ birthdays. Unless falsified by the user, it is an accurate and handy little tool to have in our day to day balancing act. Maybe it's a post on a timeline or a thumbs up.
I particularly enjoy calling my close friends directly. At least once a year, I call Brooks Barber, a long-time childhood friend who has saved my ass more than once. I have had his back on just as many occasions. He always calls me too. He does not do the Facebook cheat I do. But rather my birthday every three years falls on Thanksgiving Day, so he has another calendar reminder. Hey, whatever works for us to thoughtfully follow up and reach out to our brotherly and sisterly brood. With the voice call, hearing is believing. It’s great when there is someone on the other end. ‘Brooks how is Cora...and the girls? Shreddebot? She’s getting close. Hey, remember screaming Eagles--when Daniel Sigman took that jump?’, I go on…  I don't tend to live in the past, although reminiscing in conversation actually vocalized once in awhile sure can wipe out my grumpy attitude. It brings back my mindset in a light I like. It's me. Yes, the usual radandy undertone. I'm a sucker for conversation. I love auditory feedback; heck it’s dance away into the speakers. ‘Ok talk soon. Come up let's golf Brooksie’...

In Person?

Even better than phone is a walk with a friend. As with so many things, external environments are influential on mood, feelings and how we react and adapt. Recently I snuck in a round of golf with a close friend Michael Bush, a loyal and respected client. We hugged, put our shoes on, and  chatted with club pro, and finally embarked on our mission. I know there are many parallels to golf as there are life to business relationships and sales. I could go on, but I won't. Ahhh!... the frustration at the 6th hole bunker, or that missed putt on the third related to loss of margins. Or, that missed opportunity to acquiesce a new client. Oh well; there are nine more holes. Really, in my book, there is no competition between money and friends. It is not about the analogy of these dynamics of the game and our work life/people/place/situations. One of the greatest values is just being with a friend; a pause in nature. The discussion of parenting, client engagement and mark up pricing. The taste of cold mountain water from an igloo cooler. A friend’s birthday is a hell of a reminder that there is infinite value to friendship.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

“…but he’s a good guy…”

 If that’s so, then show me one who isn’t?

You know when you hear that from someone you wonder what is the foundation of this judgement, maybe even the motive? Is it some kind of patronizing comment, or a genuine compliment?  WTF? Often I’m left wondering any number of things: tell me something I don’t know. Or, is there something I missed about this character? Do folks just use this expression because they feel badly that the individual is really an asshole, a real buffoon?

Been there, done that.
I've been a Buffoon; I know it. I've also been told I'm a “good guy”. I wonder what shortcomings must I make up for in order to be classified as a “good guy”?  More than likely there are times in which I am not such a “good guy”. To my surprise, suddenly reports prove that, in fact, I am a “good guy”.  Fuck ‘em. Judging one’s character based solely on first impression is not always accurate. Still, judgemental, intolerant, narrow minded thinkers can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned.

Who cares about the “good guy”?
I am, and have been by business associates, friends, peers, classified as a “good guy”. Sure, it is flattering. But, no matter if I were good or off my game I know who I am and don’t need to be reminded. Let the talking heads keep their vocal vetting commentary to themselves; assholes. Whoops, I am being one myself. There you have it; good guy gone. A relapse. Please…take your judgement and fuck off.

But really the long and short of it is we are all good but at times, and we all have buttons that can be pushed enough to change our behavior. It happens in our networking too. Is he or she vetted? It seems as though he or she is good, but worth the risk?  But let's not go by the word on the street. Instead go directly to the word of the individual. Actions and execution speak volumes. This I do everyday. So thoughts and judgements get passed around but we are the keeper of guise or disguise (to be seen as good or not). It is representation. My team and I at Mosedale Integrated Solutions strive to represent as “good guys” as much as genuinely as possible.    

If you represent you don't have to live up to the broadcast

At times, it can be easy for any of us to beat ourselves up. We think one thing Is not right or one thing we are not good at etc., etc.  This can damage the ‘good guy’ image. But really? It can build up and shadow our true selves.  It can mask the goodness.  Who is that good guy? How did we get classified this way? Again were we bad or no good at one time? Well yea, except when things aren’t going his way or he gets insulted or put down.  It can emulate ‘asshole’ activity. Argggg. But chasing it up to retain and interface - I exercise the Ghandi model, peaceful interpretation of my surroundings.

Recently my son was upset about some complicated frustrating bicycle mechanics he was trying to work through. The stand fell, he mumbled, “I’m not a good mechanic”...and more...  It was loud and frankly not good. Regardless, he is, in fact, a good guy. I don't have to remind him of this I know. He doesn't want to hear it either. My suggestion was to say, ‘Hey Ethan, the stand fell crash boom, look at it like a joke.’ Jeez what more could happen? Hey son it's just a crash boom  bam. Ha Ha, crash boom bam, a dramatic part of a crazy escapade that is beyond your control. Kinda funny, eh? Dude just giggle, and remember it could be worse. Shrug and laugh it off. Set up the bike stand. Make a funny theater piece out of it and channel that anger energy into a humorous reflection. This is the Gandhi piece; the introspective of looking at things beyond your control and dealing with them.

As I finish thoughts on “good guys”, I know what or whomever says I am a good guy is beyond my control. My actions may or may not be related. Business performance and character pervade. Let naysayers go ahead and tease, complain, critique, I am who I am. I am proud, happy and lucky everyday. My true friends and family don’t ever compartmentalize me or my business as good, evil or indifferent - they just know. Those are the people to keep close.


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