Thursday, July 7, 2016

It Takes a Village- Thank You for My Education

Family and Friends
So I'm 42 years old, and it still takes a village to succeed, strive and live in this world.  The old saying goes ‘give a person a fish he eats for a day, teach a person to fish they eat forever’.  Yes that is right, but I’m not wagging my finger in your face on not on my soap box making a speech. Instead, I’m truly speaking from the heart here.  Everyday, I came across situation where I, or my colleagues, are learning from others’ learning from how we were treated or have experienced our past journey, growing up and living.  

I recently talked to some old family friends. We reminisced about how it was not just direct family that influenced me in my upbringing, but how others did too.  It was the hour ride down the highway to visit my mother, sick in the hospital, offered up by the community at large in our small town.  These people recognized that not only was there a need to visit and support a person who is sick but to make it easy, wrap each other in love, create a transparent and accessible mode for her son and daughter to visit their sick mother without a stigma or feel of weirdness even though it was a bizarre strange time for us all.  This was not like a charity case scenario, it was the definition of transparent compassion that comes from one's inside understanding of the human condition.  The visitations, and driving, and my mom’s sickness for that matter, was not a major headline and ordeal, they were offerings to my, dad, my sister, and other family friends to feel a part/included in the world’s day to day operations.  Although a strange situation, to me it was not stage at all.  

I translate these action into my day-to-day understanding and operations as #radandy and at Mosedale Integrated Solutions.  I reach out, listen actively, and pay forward in kind offerings the same ones afforded to me.  This can be in the form of explaining a system and its set up in general terms, it could be sharing skills regarding woodworking, and crafting, be proud of a creation one has made.  It is the joy of the story, the explanation of the #shredderbot story at a local school.  Prototyping a medical device which had been a hand-drawn sketch that my son had transposed into digital format. Pure joy! You remember the ones who influenced you and currently at time I have connected with them recently and it has been a great reminder of who I am and how I got here.   
A mentor
Some call it tough love or a ‘chalk it up to experience on the job training’, but real education is expensive.  You can’t learn startup entrepreneurship and business growth and strategy until you are actually doing it.  I again was fortunate and thankful although painful at times (arguing over invoices, time, billing, defending why systems are not functioning, etc. etc)  to have had great mentor and business experiences that have allowed me to make more strategic and thoughtful decisions.  Yes, I left a lot of money on the negotiation table, yes I have done projects that if you will, ‘have blow up on my face’.  But, as I have learned to pace and listen actively I have become better about scoping out client needs for projects, my task requirements and client expectations are clearly identified. Boom! Success, achievement, but it’s not the holy grail and I learned to fish a little better.  This process involved a small group of people, including clients, business mentors and associates. Together, they all got me there. Thank You.

A student

It is funny how we really learn a task, or about ourselves (communication, effectiveness, delivery, and personal engagement) by teaching.  I think that is my best on the job training., explaining again and again the network settings, or how the configuration of a switch or firewall needs to be done.  I do that exercise, the guiding and explaining and it allows me to do it again, the next time easier, clarity faster with more understanding of the task.  So, as the students, bright-eyed and eager to hear the directive discourse, I am happy to burn these explanatory tasks, processes in learning and discovering, in someone's (student, client, associate and partner) brain and thankful everyday that they indirectly and solidly wind up in mine too.

It Begins with You

Bla, bla touchy feely stuff right.  So where is the truth here, our drive, our learning. We make choices and decisions, that has cause and effect.  I recently had a discussion about this and about how our inner cause and effect cannot really be applied to a set of rules and functions that we, as society, live in.  We act and behave as we are our ‘relational framework’ but we cannot template these skewed, although positive, perspectives, that we live by as individuals over the larger rules and runnings of the world we live in.  It is us, as a people, as individuals, as business,and that inner cause. Justification cannot be what is around us in the world.  So, to a person, an individual, a business, our definition is us, but, it is not the word.  It is our teaching and what we learn in us and in our world.  Maybe I’m talking in circles here, and again we get so far and then there are times we need a nudge, an insight from someone else, not a finger wagged in one's face, rather an inner understanding, it takes a village.       

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