Sunday, July 3, 2016

When Fishing is Like Work

#radandy: The balance between work and play=plork..

It was placid water that day.  My wife Cindy Mosedale and I on a paddle board adventure.  It was not hard to agree.  They say "a bad day of fishing is better that a good day at work".  Truth.  But even the good days at work still are like fishing for something.

We strive for excellence - push papers obsessed over Google Docs. Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, Salesforce, bla bla - it goes on...
The perfect firewall configuration, hotel access points, no internet connection??
We need to take time and listen and be patient (wait for the strike, the bite) - during all these moments
Lets breath in the air above the water
Lets let the attendant at the register change the receipt paper roll- there is no rush

We rush the big ones to the boat only to have it fall off hook
We meet a deadline only find out the members involved are on vacation (disappointment of fishing for nothing)
But rather it is something as the water laps up against the board

So as we strive, seek, hunt, and look for elusive trout bass, pike, and perch.   We do the same in the cracks and voids of work - startup momentum questing for success.  I have said this before but it is just plain old survival trying to make a living. Is is great it is an adventure, scary at times, peaceful at times, it's life.  I personally enjoy the variety of my day to day experiences at Mosedale Integrated Solutions.  A recent tour and consultation at a bag manufacturing facility, the texts communications with the Creative Director at MIS Judi McCormick, communication with people at the co-working space, partner and client jibber jabber: camera installations, regarding next steps in #shredderbot and MISmakers.  It is diverse ever changing environment, just as the water, weather, wind on the paddle board and casting a line. Fishing is like work. 

I most regularly get a text from my dad every morning, it's a ‘good morning’ or ‘another beauty’ He shares a tribute to the rise of the sun, a new day.  I cherish that.  For me it fills the gaps at times when the variety and grind of work feels like a concrete block on my back.  The funny thing is there are people, he is one of them who have these lofty insights that seem to strike a cord or hit that feeling people seem to wear on their overwhelming sleeve. When I/we receive these little insights it sets an inspirational landscape- and the water passes under the board, I cast on and on.  These interactions with natural environment or specific people is a kinda wisdom, a sharing that allows one to rise and look hunt for fish, push a paddle board over the water, or just plain close a deal, get productive in the office.

So as the lines hits the water
The paper churns out of the printer
We are proud of our work, our craft as it is printed
We are proud of the hand tied fly that entices the lunker
The invoices go out the checks come in
A back cast and a loop, a snap of a tight line:
fish on!

Yea fishing is a lot like work. The ins and out the details of the client, the day to day, the office (if you will) mechanics and its machines in full production mode. So when you come up short with your creel empty, but you head and heart filled - its work, its better business really.    

Happy Birthday USA, thank you all from #radandy



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