Tuesday, February 11, 2020

4 "F" words: Family + Friends + Follow Up = Fired Up!

Recently I attended a panel discussion for start-ups and small businesses about venture capital and fundraising at a LaunchVT, Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce event. I went in fired up to learn, to see familiar folks and meet new ones. It was a fun opportunity to promote my company and product in an arena with like-minded entrepreneurs who are also on unique paths to success, just like I am.
I had the chance to follow up with business collaborators and share my excitement about how my business ideas could be beneficial.
Among the crowd were entrepreneurs at all different stages of growth, but we all acquired knowledge and business know-how that gets us to putter, speed, or slide down our trails. Whatever the stage or the pace, we all share the same end goal.
At the panel I thought about my own business research. I heard things like "assemble the right team, communicate often with investors, believe in yourself, your product services and your business idea, be persistent, don’t give up, understand your cost of goods and your margins", and more. It was good to hear, even better digested with my business associates, friends, even better supported by family, who know me also as a person separate from my business.
All this positive reinforcement is good food for thought, even better digested with business associates, friends, and further supported by my family, who knows me as a person separately from work. My confidence and consistency has been even better fortified by the results of proud cold calls, collaborative work and client follow up. All these things lead to that fire and drive which move my team, my business forward, and me.
Yes, feeling fired up is crucial to my motivation. Getting there is a combination of many things. At the top of the list: results of interactions, support, and relations established along the way.
At Mosedale Integrated Solutions we have been worked hard to learn to stoke the fire, and we have built a pile of fuel to keep it and burning steady.
I could not continue to grow without solid support from my family. They support the typical undulations of small business growth in a chaotic opportunistic environment. I also have support from many business relationships, which lend perspective, essential feedback that in to fog of war I may miss.
This 'fired-up’ feeling, climbing back on the horse, persistence and diligence needed in business and growth that can’t be monetized, is for me, the true value and authenticity of my brand, company and team. It is the grit of my 'fire' that leads me from one level to the next. My team, and all the inspiration around me propels me forward.
From my scientific background, I look at this as a systematic, scientific process:
• Stimulus
Friends=Feedback/Reality Check
Business Collaborators=Incentive/Drive and Decision Check

• Response
Follow-Up=Reflection/Decision Validation
Fired-up=Determinations and gritty goal attainment (considering situational reality with increased determinations)

Involvement in panels, conferences, workshops, client engagement and the relationships established in these venues amongst family and friends and collaboration can also be quite organic. It is that human layer, the living layer inside, that makes the process move forward, but without 4 F’s (Family, Fiends, Follow-Up, Fired-Up) along the way then the oxygen needed to fuel the fire becomes futile. I am blessed to have and to foster the continuous fuel oxygen and carbon through my family, friends, and business partners. I recognize that following up with them, enlisting them to the team, and opening the damper, will kindle an ember leading to continued growth, smiles and success.
Yes! I AM FIRED-UP!!! Are you?

Always here...

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