Saturday, April 23, 2016

What Makes You Tick?

If you do know, please share; if you don’t know, I invite you to investigate. 

One thing I know: It’s Not Easy Being Green

In the spirit of Earth Day, I’m feeling green in many ways. Blogging is relatively new to me, but I am proud to punch the 15th notch into my blogger belt. Among many things, I am the inventor of #Shredderbot, (the future of recycling), a small business owner, technology expert, and a hydrologist. I was born in New Hampshire, currently live in Vermont, and work in both states.
To get my feet wet, I began to share thoughts and lessons learned relative to business strategy, dynamics of personal interactions, growth and development, and the process of day to day operations, particularly for start-up and entrepreneurial businesses. Until my ‘15th notch’, I have felt pretty green as a blogger. I am continuously humbled by the quality of depth and insight of bloggers that I follow regularly. When the idea was first suggested to me, I was hesitant and felt awkward referring to myself as a blogger. But I am starting to look forward to it, as reflecting is learning, all leading to fuel.

Notch 15: The Turning Point

Genuine growth and expertise come from a strong and compelling drive, just like determination come from inescapable passion and pride residing in the gut.
Thomas A. Edison, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, are a few examples of brilliant and prolific inventors and innovators. All shared these traits. And each had his own challenges and/or share of  failures . Yes we revealed them as greater the light bulb, mapping celestial bodies, and electrical experimentation, but what made them tick?

Edison once said, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

Thomas A. Edison

edison cloud02.jpg
Photo credit: The Atlantic

Nikola Tesla

tesla cloud02.jpg

Leonardo da Vinci

da vinchi cloud02.jpg

bleeding seething driving drive to cut your losses, argue a point and successfully agree to achieve with heart as well as your credible knowledge

Get up every day no matter what, face the situation as if it is new, rebuild realign and calmly participate to achieve desired outcome

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

The ability to deter, heal and ignore the raw scathing attacks on mind and body that may be an impetus for achievement, growth and success

The Power of Unification

Recently I had the opportunity to have a look into a fellow business collaborator’s world. The overlaps and similarities of business process and innovations were striking. Agreeing on how to use our associated skills and resources propels the team forward. From planning a venue demonstration to strategizing next ecommerce market or client follow-up and initiation.  It takes people together, it takes individuals with traits found in Edison, DaVinci, and Tesla. Not only for business growth and success but for our own personal momentum. A unified front is a force moving forward. Today at Mosedale Integrated Solutions we planned for a demonstration and collaborative action to up cycle paper and plastic waste in the maple syrup and retail shipping/receiving industries. We introduce our best product, #Shredderbot its outstanding performance and how as a collaborative unified team covering all aspects of this device. Shredderbot will quickly become an instrumental piece in the industrial packaging and manufacturing process. It shows proof that unified efforts make one great thing. The pride and positivity of a well functioning  machine goes beyond the object device gadget, and extends into the team and all individuals involved.

shreddermotor.jpg shredder bot proto02.jpg

Summary for (un)satiation

It is part of being human to want more are constantly need to make improvements.  My #shredderbot prototype has evolved through many versions and iterations. Frankly it will probably never be perfect. I dream of being fully satisfied with it. It serves a great function. My attitude of insatiable perfection helps make the device better each time I return to the drawing board.  Striving to perfect a piece of machinery from concept to market transfers to interactions with others, allowing for high expectations, and high quality of craft. It is simple, start with a sketch, build it with passion, work through flaws in a determined fashion, celebrate your grit that got you where you needed to be.


To conclude, we are complicated beings, we interact with both inanimate and animate objects.  Some things are easy to understand.  In machines it is mechanically obvious. They are defined by design and basically physical rules and laws.  Interpreting what makes individuals tick looks at the passion and drive, the DNA make up defines ones inner ticking and is difficult to understand.  We can base it on behavior and actions, but those too cannot be attributed to really what makes one tick.  I don’t think it can be explained by or really understood from an outside observer, or business collaborator, and/or friend.   The grit determination lies within, it is inherent to the individual, and the transition from green blogger to an experienced one is one way in understanding this ticking and realizing that there are layers of these process and plans inside oneself.  From a prototype invention, a writing creation to painting we throw down it is expression like this in all forms makes us tick.


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