“Shattered Glass”Mosedale Integrated Solutions takes a page of innovation from the book of relational framework behind local school theater arts.

A look into the world of theater was a highlight of my week. The Barnet School the amazing vision and dedication of the art and science integration unit collaborated to perform a theatrical production of Innovate. The goal was to use drama as an avenue for expression, gain knowledge  in the content area, and last, but certainly not least, to have a good time, and to share that spirit.  I couldn’t be more proud to support the role that my wife, Cindy H. Mosedale, a veteran middle school teacher, took on in this project. Cindy has the ability to masterfully synthesize so many moving pieces. She is also a natural when there is a need to extinguish a “fire” (which in not infrequent in this fantastic, but complicated endeavor.)rad woman, in good company, working in our local school system. In collaboration with the Community Engagement Lab, (Paul Gambill) and the Flynn Center Theater Artist in Residence, Director and Producer, Theater Teacher, Acting Coach (Susan Palmer: enter rad woman #2), this was a fun great exercise.

Student-focused, the team sought to make learning flexible, and differentiated, as they are continually working on improving methods. A life skill traits we emulate in our work at Mosedale Integrated Solutions (MIS). A road warrior, traveling in the MISmobile, I am happiest in hot pursuit of trouble-shooting, solving technical questions, problems, issues, setting up systems, managing and educating clients about appropriate and updated hardware and software. I too learned flexibility and how to shake off inevitable frustrations inherent in the job.
Let me explain, as a request in-between travels made in conveniently fetch some stage boxes (object used on stage to elevate actors). Yes, another thing term like tableau I learned being partially immersed in this project of theater arts and the gizmo gadgets and actions they use in it. It is a like looking through an intricate stained-glass window on to something new that allowed me to embrace an unknown. Once again, I found myself understanding that which helps me in my day-to-day operations in my travels, I set out to get these large boxes for the stage and delivered them to the troop at the school.


The play went off very well. The support and action were superb as well as the execution and coordination.  women unite, and strike again.  (Enter Beverly McCarthy, Art teacher/innovator/set designer/build synthesizer!boom!) Wow, did her skill, talent, and passion show right through. The students shined as did anyone and everyone involved. The audience? Delighted. Enter Shattered Glass: I slammed the hatch of the car and shattered my back window on the protruding corners of the stage boxes – oh well, innovate, improve, flex, move on. Boom!!!

Perhaps through osmosis, I felt as though I shone, just as the young actors did. I shone, attending the play, working behind the scenes in theater arts, and rewarded with all the dynamics that rubbed off on me. Yes, a gaping hole in the MISmobile did sting for a time, but at the moment my theater flexibility, interpretation, and relational framework taught me just how unimportant it was, as well as how to shake it off because, after all,the show must go on! I packed and shipped on a windy ride. The boxes were delivered, I coordinated a glass replacement.  One foot in front of the other, I love the theater.

Save Drama for the Stage:
The Customer Service model with dignity: give back at least what you get.

As the drama unfolds, my rear window is smashed, and a call to the insurance bodes well.  The call to local glass repair shop went even better. We won’t go into the ‘local’ term but you can imagine how one takes care of  'locals'. The local businesses I encountered are built on a strong foundation of service the customer,. As I begin these conversations I enter their service model – well done from all aspects. I received quality, timely and effective service from the window replacement, insurance company, contracting glass company. There was no acting here. It was the real deal.mage has been repaired. there is still time to hit the cast party! This is what we do at Mosedale Integrated Solutions. There are technology changes behind every door. Around every corner there can be surprises. These are project and process issues. However it is the people (the clients, the customers, etc.) that matter. They require a service. Our communication model at MIS is simply based on action and communicating with common language in an effort to relate efficiently. We make an effort to refrain from “tech-talk”, which we find some clients can be intimidated and/or confused by.  Service is understanding and respecting each relationship. When working with small businesses and individuals, as a service provider in technology these corners and doors are likened to expectations and client goals. We look under every rock, we work to understand every goal/objective unique to each client. Quite simply, we pride ourselves on providing a superior quality service.

There are times that the expected task and the realized task end up to be two different things. We can take longer on one task project but be rapid on another.  Time management is a crucial component to the success of client satisfaction for MIS. We balance and manage time to meet our customers’ needs. If there are times when it is off the clock, (unpaid) we take this risk knowing that a gain in solid representation of quality work, responsiveness, honor and diligence in getting job done is a character that will only lead to more opportunities and positive relationships as well as personal pride. We are aware that we portray is what the client sees, and what we give to them is what we get back. To clarify, working for free is not a proper business model, but interpreting the risk reward actions to gain opportunities is invaluable to business growth as well as building a worthy client base. Fair is fair. Cost , payment and growth can all be attributed to that.

Remove The Fog: the secret to making a prediction almost as well as your crystal ball.

It is clarity which we seek. Youth actors try to understand their part, their lines. MIS and their clients need a mutual understanding on time, scope of work, and budget.    These things don’t just happen. By looking ahead we gather information. We pull in leaders and experts to help along the way. A new direction, an expert opinion, all make things go forward so the show opens as planned, the client gets a new system installed as expected.  We balance knowing facts and actions with flexibility of interpretation (actors) and time for the experts.  Let’s embrace the freedom of latitude in this. As we expand in those boundaries we build trust. We generate other opportunities and...BRAVO! ENCORE!!