Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wear Your Story

First Impression Are Bullshit if You Don’t Present Your True Self

Clothing is architecture. To know a person, get his or her story.

Today a traditionally-trained machinist reminded of  what matters in a first impression.. It got me thinking about who decides just what and how defines first impression, more specifically a good one.  How important is a designer suit? How does that suit differ from the  hoodie worn by, say, a millennial startup founder, or a woman in a power suite with exacting accessories and Jimmy Choos. Whatever the fashion choice, judging a person solely by outfitting is bullshit.


Your story tells; your story sells.

The proof of a person’s skill, qualifications, experience, fit for the position, project, etc., is found by paying attention to all of those things to get to the heart of his or her story. The story sells. Your first impression is sharing your story. In other words, your values, your journey, your aspirations, your skills, what you have learned the hard way.... We live in a society that does focus on looks, appearance, and style. These things  can always be altered or changed completely to ensure appropriateness in all different situations. However, no matter the presentation, interview, cocktail party, the true story, the heritage (Our historical legacy that give us uniqueness from past experiences) is what make our perceived first impression for each of us. That  importance of your impression is the story that shines through.
#Shredderbot  has changed, but it’s first appearance is its story/journey.  As we process the prototype from a wood belt driven shabby rickety box proof of concept, to a machined aluminum adjustable frame work, adding safety features to finally arrive at a reliable professionally engineered model in production as I type!  Although I suppose it is possible to build something right the first time, it certainly can be that rapid discovery of failure proves how not do it again. Failures often lead to improvements by  the device.


#Shredderbot’s Story

Simple:  I hate bulky trash containers that fill up quickly.  I felt a burning urge to manage voluminous bottles and containers. Combined with my concern for our environment, I was inspired to invent and innovative kind of shredder.  Shredderbot was designed to reduce volume and create a feed stock plastic commodity. Everyone is happy: consumers, (using shredders for various purposes), transfer station municipalities will reduced traffic and recycled waste load, in turn reducing tipping fees and transport costs. One other aspect is the diversion of this waste from landfills into other recycled and up-cycled sectors. Win Win.

I write, I learn.

I’m now thinking about fashion and shopping. a designer suit, but have not ordered it.  The quality, the feel, the weight, the flow of the fabric, but the suit only dresses story. As we move along in the process, like #Shredderbot has gone through changes through discovery the prototyping process.  I can relate. Changing daily from one outfit to another, depending on the situation, I realize that my exterior is part of my impression, but it is my story that I want to impress upon others.  #Shredderbot will still grind plastic, but a lot differently than when it was first hatched at #MISmakers 2 years ago. The beauty is in the process. I prefer most times to wear a hoodie. But I still appreciate a J Hilburn suit.  I admit I love my “branded” work clothes. They do make a statement about me, sure., The point is that it’s bullshit that materials, embellishments, are what make your first impression. it is a process, a story, that makes the true impression. I am lucky to hear many tales everyday, and the impressions I get from a variety of people are based on the stories of those people. As #radandy, a human being, those stories make a cherishable impression.

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