Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Organization is it the key to easy living? Hmmmm.

 Real life is ever changing; you’re not in charge.

Do you run a business, sit at a desk or let's say a work space? Heck, maybe even one of those adjustable ergonomic dealies where you stand/sit. Please. Seriously,   while the advent of files folders, organization from a-z are apparent.  We stash; we store. I have just finished sifting through piles of notes, sheets, post its, backs of envelopes, you name it. My jottings everywhere. Of course there is also printed copy and information organized by topic or date. It’s all scattered around my work space, and in hanging file folders, in the tidy racks.

So... do I sort standing or sitting the ergonomic effect of the office? Boo hoo. Fuck that shit! The logic here is that the overwhelming notes pieces of paper , archived files and folders finally runneth over, and had to be dealt with. To my shagrin being organized is not beneficial but brings a flood of production-killing relic memories and topics. This kicks up memories and kicks down doors. It fuels a current entrepreneurial strategy that was so out of sight when we began stashing well-thought items for recall later. Oh shit!
“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
Albert Einstein

So it is a mess; an index of unnecessary dust driven order, I admit as some of this material is sifted, things discovered, I ponder in frustration ‘I missed that follow up’ or ‘shit, what a great idea! I could have used that last week.  Whoops.  I’m so glad it was sitting in a dusty box archived for over 6 years. Jeeze. Yes I lavish in the decision to trash ¾ of materials from years ago. I find organized indexing and reference recall a busy exercise that gives us a false sense of our data management. Really the data now is chockablock full in our heads. It is refined, recounted. and resurrected in digital space. We scan feeds, pull information as we weed. It is easier than pouring through some dusty file folder. But that press board staples cabinet–oh yeah! Too bad, the archived file folders have some juicy tidbits and shake loose to reveal things that can now be explained by our strategy in digital mining and archival. Yes, I know big scary words but it is our future reality.  The exercise of organization is freedom and superficial - it releases old relics: photographs, snapshots, old copy, designs and an obsolete 6-year old discovery. It includes the artwork that creative, warm and fuzzy feelings we long for. Although we get g from our archives really, organized clutter breeds complacency. Let's just write on all paper, blast and pile content, get things done. Ugh.  OK, sure.

Getting our act together, organizing, sucks. Honestly I never have to or want to. you?.  So fuck it. The process in which we process real time data opens our reflective self.  It moves from paper content to digital spaces where resources and information we recall are easy and matter. The tenderness and positive interaction of our real and strong important items are held in high regard. Our archives as we catalog our meaningful things so to speak are just that- meaningful we just forget later. The pressure to “get organized” is not going away even though we all trash with embrace dusty files and folders. We grin at outdated copy that contain no current or relevance to our business endeavors now.  But at one time we did covet  it, we stored it.

Organizing, or getting your act together is not straightening items. It is smiling at the re-visitation of sound logic and applying that to a current business strategy and growth strategy in any way possible. Yes. My act is together; I’m organized– in the midst of chaos and confusion and disorder. And you?

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