Friday, March 18, 2016

Stealing Like an Artist- Why we should share ideas.

It's Exciting
Although it can sometimes get me into trouble, I find pride and excitement in how I freely "run my mouth", about my own, and/or another’s idea or concept. In fact, ideas flood me at times. Does this happen to you? As one example, check out the following link explaining a tool for making string out of plastic bottles here.
This takes a waste product throwaway item and transforms it into a usable item. Imagine, a composting setup on countertop, household use! All food scraps, paper and cardboard making soil in your basement. Just think of the impact this idea would have in urban areas where space and earth is limited.

It is all discussed, chatted, excitedly roared in conversation, a share an artist’s expression. These conversations are business opportunities and potential establishment partnerships.

Ideas Are Fluid
Whatever the idea, the entrepreneurial pleasure, ideas are fluid; they need to be fostered and shared in order to develop and grow.

...enter #radandy...
One of my strengths is "the art of conversation". I enjoy frolicking in the discussion, cheerleading an idea of any sort, any stage, crafting the description of the next #radandy antics. Truly, for me the sharing is about the people who are actively participating. The enjoyment is further enhanced when kicking around ideas with other like-minded innovators, futurists, and/or makers. We provide feedback for one another.

The Risk of Disclosure
Sure, there is a potential of risk in hand waving testimonials. An explanation may be used in other ways, or maybe simply quicker, stronger, faster. Although this may be true, don’t let it stop you! As entrepreneurs, we are all in the same boat. We all want a piece of the pie; individuality and that thrill of a rising success and the success trajectory. We get there in a myriad of ways, including sharing throughout the process. Some can and will steal, using a part/s, or even all of your idea. Heck! Even the delivery method can and could be sidled. Ahh, just embarrassing flattery right?

Parallel Threads of Interest
I recently read a similar thread on this topic “Give your Ideas Away” by Jon Westenberg. It speaks to what we think is a valuable coveted idea; one we should whisper and protect but really when the day is done it is just words. What makes an idea is the backing financial or human capital or the arena where comments discussion and ideas become the next better mouse trap. Westengerg goes on to discuss "what is the real value of an idea, and at what stage in development does it have real monetary potential?” Does the idea need to locked up like a national treasure? Or is there merit in value by getting feedback and input from other creative’s, professionals, artists, designers, and business people. His finish is quite simple “I think the value I gain from their incredible viewpoints and their creativity far outweighs the risk.” When the day is done its about truth and people. You can find more from Westenberg at as well as the following article on Medium here.

Artist Have No Fear
Yes, tomorrow someone could beat you to market with an invention prototype you designed and built with your blood, sweat and tears. Alternatively, they could lend support in your fabrication, financial, and marketing, aiding your strategy so the success trajectory may spark a solid and meaningful relationship. In any case, unless you are working with a large budget surrounded by leading innovators, the idea/dream discussion over (insert libation of your choice) is a great asset. If someone else hits the ground running with a version of your thought process, be flattered, absorb the act of copying as a reflection of your great thinking. Remember there is always another street car.

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