Friday, March 25, 2016

The Testimonial: Don’t Let It Go to Your Head

Endorsements help in many ways, but interpretation and reaction are what matter most

Nobody Truly Works Alone.

 Regardless of profession, every accomplishment, and how it is arrived at, is influenced by feedback and/or input along the way to the final result. A personal best race time, judge’s score at a gymnast meet, cash in hand upon completion of that first wooden birdhouse, an invitation to a speech engagement, were all fueled by help from others in some way. In both our work and personal environments, we all benefit from feedback. I would even argue it is a necessity, especially as an Entrepreneur.

 Can Technology Alone Do It?

Digital tools give us instant feedback as we have come to expect. However, it is not the same as human thought process. Technology is a useful tool, but falls short of really touching on a meaningful collaboration, or “volley of feedback".  It is the human interest, perspective, and variety of words, including nuances of volume, tone, and diction that provide a more meaningful impact on our actions and heighten performance with quality.

Constructive Criticism Has Great Value Also.

At Mosedale Integrated Solutions we react and respond to fulfill our promise, "provide clarity when technology is confusing". This takes time and patience, two important keys to client engagement and technical support. We are proud when clients sing our praises, and work hard to rectify those who don't. I could shout compliments from the rooftops, boast until the cows come home, but that has little effect on the growth change for us at MIS. We react interpret, and repeat the actions that get us success and in turn the feedback we need.

 But Shouting from the Rooftops Is Fun!

 A few lines on me:  Andy Mosedale's responsiveness, helpful support, He is this; he is that. Boom! Oh Yea! That is the energy we transform into our delivery model. The response is channeled thoughtfully and strategically into the next critical support mission. I digest with a quiet smile a breath of success from my lungs knowing that I 'killed it’., and will continue to do so, always learning with each experience. I interpret feedback, adjust as needed and repeat the support response actions of service delivering quality product and services that arrives at a positive outcome. As we grow at MIS, we need exacting and heightened awareness of these actions that produce the feedback for success.

They call me #radandy, Not Pollyanna.

Don’t misunderstand, I do not wear rose colored glasses. We hear it from both sides, and that is how we learn and stay current. Good feedback for realignment, aids us into how and what we can do to provide change for a better outcome. Yes, each client, project, and scenario is different. The consistency is found in how and what we embody as a service provider, striving to achieve an efficient success, yielding positive feedback. The “testimonial” serves as fuel for action on next job. Either way our thoughtful and planned reaction to positive and negative feedback is what makes a better product, better service model, it allows for responsiveness with clarity. Any/all feedback can be positive.

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