Friday, March 11, 2016

A side track splash of fun: My favorite color is clear

"If it weren't for the brief respite we give the world with our foolishness, the world would see mass suicide in numbers that compare favorably with the death rate of lemmings."
-Groucho Marx

I recently had a chuckle with my son as we reflected on communions around his peers and coaches.  He told me that he had everyone is a giddy state when asked “what is your favorite color?” - his reply ‘Clear”.  This may have been lifted for a movie or vine in popular culture but the point is a little humor can go a long way.  He seems to transcend the anxiety and stress inherit to Alpine ski racing by doing this and his peers did as well.  People lower defensive walls, smile and open up, with humor.  A Team and co-working relation are fortified and in project based work.  So a little joke, a smile, and good will can mute the high pressures and stresses we face with deadlines and expectations.  A small gesture of humor can go a long way and it certainly does make the projects get completed.  It enhances the process. We as a team in a collaborative environment can arrive at the end goal and the involved sidetrack splash of fun and humor is necessary in todays business world.  And frankly we need more of it.  

So, we use humor to cope with stress, it most definitely allows for a resilient self-aware persons to do this and their effectiveness is actually heightened.  According to the article (   people in the health care industry faced with horror of death and injury the use humor to cope with these dramatic surroundings  of misfortunes.  Professions such as police, firefighters, doctors and nurses in hospital environment all use some sort of humor as a means of coping.  The TV series M.A.S.H is a real world prime example.  Here the brutality of war injured soldiers was played in a light of fun and humor, there were authentically genuine characters.  So humor once again wins.  As we watch the series we laugh and smile see beyond the horrors of the pain, injury and death war provides.  At the end of the day we become to know. and understand the real human characters in the story, the true authentic reality of these characters in all seriousness.  This is the evidence that humor permits a individual to have access to the unstressed areas of our brain and environment allowing for effect work and collaboration. Humor permits us to calmly effectively work through a project and arrive at a end goal. What a joke eh… Ha.  

So to clarify, we must cope in the stresses and throws of small business development growth and day to day existence.  As a entrepreneur, my triage unit is to respond to technical issues, managing project budgets, and delivering the highest quality product and service to the client.  Yes there are stresses in these actions at Mosedale Integrated Solutions, so we smile, laugh, we define a clear understanding of everyone who is involved and meet those needs.  I represent a product a business that hinges on performances and accountability,  we can make light of that is a humors context to relieve pressure on us and our clients well  knowing that when the day is done the end goal will be met.   Keeping those benchmark quality requires reactions like thinking on my feet reacting fast, similar to a doctor preforming CPR, however I am not pumping some ones chest I am communicating technology effectively, troubleshoot and mending a firewall configuration,  so a smile, a joke in this context can make things a little more digestible when a networks is down or a computer malfunctions.  Whatever profession, fighter pilot, doctor, and chief technical officer humor indirectly saves the day. 

To summarize it does not mean we are less serious or professional with our goofy humorist actions, but it can help in breaking though on a project lighten it up so that we can see the real end goal. it is necessary for our psyche to have this.  the reality of stress addressed head on and combative is destabilizing, so to transcend with humor is a supporting and necessary strategy.  So ask me what’s your favor color is? Its clear. Ha! Yeah a silly joke.  I would not have been able to write this blog without that mind set.  “Why did Adel Cross the Road?” - “To call from the other Side” Ha.  Now who is ready for work? Boom! Smile, have fun, lets do this!


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