Friday, March 4, 2016

Truth and Consequences is not just a town in New Mexico

The choices we make are often different from the results of the decisions we make. Each one has results and consequences. In business, choices and decisions are about communication and controlling the out come as best you can to maximize the end goal. This is part of what helps me arrive at a professional gain for both my business and me. I am currently gearing up for a local event in New Hampshire. The Littleton High School Career Fair will allow me to expand and grow smart by interfacing and potentially recruiting youthful interns, as well as networking with other businesses in the region. Yes a decision that can permit technical expansion by sharing knowledge, learning together and teaching and training future millennials and empowering an eager and determined cohort. A decision a choice with authentic representation that will have positive gain and consequence in all aspects of #radandy and Mosedale Integrated Solutions -- boom! That choice was a thoughtful plan, a response to a professional invitation. However, I would also like to reinforce that there are gut decisions as well not planned or invited but reactive and exacting. These usually have positive gains and outcomes as well. This is the ‘think on your feet’ the ‘plan b’ decision that rectifies an ill-fated one and arrives at a sold stable outcome. In my experiences when things go south, i.e. a mis-configured piece of hardware, or unresponsive software we thoughtfully react to solve a problem. We strive to use both of these processes of choice and decisions - gut and planned everyday at Mosedale Integrated Solutions. It is who we are; it is a balance. This is where the truth comes in, the communication and transparency that conveys the issue rectifies it and executes follow up with results. I pride myself on this truth in action, and how a consequence although ninety eight percent positive can also be a resultant outcome we don’t want or expect. So, we ‘loop around’ we look at the facts, choose/decide, communicate and execute. Recently, my current blog posts have touched on this. So lets dig a little deeper here: the truth that is told is the authentic self the exposed real person that supports, identifies, and rectifies the consequence, a result of a choices and decisions we are face with daily. The real person grabs the consequential momentum and fosters that positive outcome in business growth. So really we decide to make the best for what the desired goal is, we are constantly thinking “how do we gain and move forward, based on these decisions?” We ‘choose’ often with and unknowing feeling with an unknown outcome- and the typical return is positive. In my personal and play life a choice means an outcome of adventure and meaningful merit. I am striking a balance between thoughtful planned and logical decision-making and the gut approach and blissful risk that ideally makes an individual and businesses grow. I was once told that being in the right place at the right time is a benchmark of business success, but getting to that place is built on the monitoring and bearing of an internal compass and a passionate gut. Maybe that place is Truth and Consequences, New Mexico; maybe it is where we are right now, at the office, in a cafe, on top of a mountain, driving in a car, or at retail shops or workplace/workshop. Wherever you may be, make a choice to execute a decision and move forward, take the good decisions and use them to their potential, leave the bad behind and don't look in the rear view mirror. Always here... @techmosedale @amosedale @mismakers

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