Friday, February 12, 2016

The Element of Surprise: Day-to-day plan disruption can lead to a path of dynamic adventure!

Surprise is the topic of #radandysantics. This is the fifth blog entry in the new series of experiences, observations, thoughts, ideas, and lessons #radandy, based on individuality, relationships, business, entrepreneurial growth and collaboration. Previously, I have touched on some concepts relative to teams, interactions and expectations in and among people in a work environment, and managing directives, deadlines and disappointment. In business and in entrepreneurial endeavors these topics benefit us as we sort out who, what and why we do what we do. These topics speak of measured results and outcomes that for the most part are molded by our skills and knowledge. However, inevitably there are things that are outside our control, deadlines, disappointment, the team and the human interactions are often recognizable, but there are often unforeseen, or unexpected factors that disrupt the most concise planning. Each day we wake up, go about our daily routine at some level of regularity. As for me, I get up, have breakfast, drive to work, sit, compute, interact, in a kind of cog clicking way. Even recreational time seems to require planning as a manufactured criteria in these endeavors. But always in the background and usually willing to get involved is the the element of surprise. In previous #radandysantics blog entries I've discussed that it is how we deal and react to a situation that is the most beneficial to personal growth and success. It is by recognizing it, and deciding/knowing what path to choose to meet the end goal in our plan – by navigating the derailment of the surprise. We need to look at the risk in relation to the decision, and prepare to enter in an uncharted voyage, only to return to the plan and exceptions that were laid out initially. To paint a larger picture, following is an example in a logical process based scenario. We have scheduled meetings client visits, and calibrated time and effort to do these things. This can get complicated by another commitment interfering, or a pressure/commitment that overlaps with the stable continued plan we have accepted at our daily onset. Surprise often requires acting on our feet with a quick response. Often choosing another path is the only option. At Mosedale Integrated Solutions we do by the week, by the day, sometimes by the minute, as we balance a variety of people, schedules, and needs, striving for a balance. In the IT support and services arena, when expectations and needs unfold I choose from many different paths and make the best decisions possible based on things out side of our control. It can be frustrating to be derailed from that carefully calculated plan that is so comfortable and familiar. However, it can also be an adventure into the unknown; an exciting journey on a path you have no choice but enter. Once we are traveling the path opened to redirect the origin plan, risk is minimized. Managing lost time, from our day to day plan, we digest how effectively we can manage our time and our priority from one project to the next. So with any surprise there is a positive outcome in a long term gain. It may seem like a distraction taking us away from other plan priorities but, in fact, it helps us focus more carefully. At the end of the day there is always another day, always another adventurous path waiting to surprise and whisk us away to. This disruption solidifies an entrepreneurs desire and fortitude in completing projects with acute focus. The day to day plan may always be in place. But is the great fortune of surprise that reinforces our effectiveness by introducing an intense focus on tasks and project competition. It is the combination of detailed planning disrupted by surprise and leads to adventure in goal management and meetings. This can be evident in the solid results of individuals, business partners, contractors, staff members, managers and leaders. And, it is managing the unexpected with the wonder of adventure that can turn what seems like a disaster into something special. @techmosedale @amosedale @mismakers

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