Friday, February 19, 2016

Inspiration in the Entrepreneurial Arena: Where does it come from?

Fortunately, I am exposed to a variety of situations that leave me thinking, WOW!, I need to follow up; give that person a push, a gesture to show good faith. Conversely, I often feel WOW!, there is someone with a really great idea, a unique process, or philosophy on task, project, or meeting that seems to get burned into our brains. So, the real question is how, where, from whom do we get inspired. Sometimes what seems ordinary can do the trick. This morning, a bird sings a song in a tree while I read a message from a mentor/advisor saying, "rise and shine". Simple, but an effective inspirational morning wake up. We often find decisive business strength in surreptitious meetings conferring a goal or idea with others. Inspiration is found at the knife's edge sales presentation you sit in on and think, "HOLY MOLEY!", that is the real deal, portraying a solid and air tight bomb-proof appeal that makes one want to run to his or her desk, workshop, studio, etc., inspired to do his or her best (or as I often say, 'kill it') at work. This leads me to believe that what we look to for inspiration and what we require are two similar things. Presenters want a bomb-proof delivery. The audience wants see that. Over a cup of coffee in the morning we see our environment, the little details that allow us to look inside and say 'WOW! I'm going to kill it today", whether it be a presentation, a meeting, or any type of interaction. It is these interactions that bring forth the spirit and drive to ignite inspiration in the workplace, the fabrication lab, the fun outing with family. A friend once told me that we fuel each others' ideas in the process of sharing challenges as well as success, and even defeat. When active in a process, but stumped in decision making and client engagement, sharing can reignite inspiration. It is common to hear and see mangers in the work place who want to see this from their employees. The expectation for novel concepts, efficient execution, and reach goals is high. The way we recognize these the little things (a bird on wire, or successful results at a presentation) the more that inspiration grows and travels. It helps give inspiration legs to transfer it to someone else. Finding inspiration as well as giving it, is what allows for highly effective entrepreneurial and business leadership. Inspiration can be found in infinite ways, people, places, and more. Whichever role you are engaged in, success is germinated from inspiration. I find it helpful to notice, and make sure when possible, to show gratitude to the source. This is an important part of what makes me feel effective at the end of the day, in both work and in life. Find me here: @techmosedale @amosedale @mismakers

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