Friday, February 5, 2016

Who are you? It's not just a great rock and roll song.

Who we really are? In a digital world of chat text, meet ups, pitch events, conferences, and client engagement, it is who you/we are that makes one remember you with a lasting impression. Sure, It helps to dress for success. But it is the inner spirit that is the real fabric, not what you wear (although never hurts to have a solid pair of shoes or a nice gold watch). To peel back the layers a bit more, on a more scientific level, humans are about 90 percent water.  But it is our brains, our thought process, or a response to active listening, our past experiences, and the logical interpretation of each situation that really makes the internal human waters (all 90%) flow.  Don’t misunderstand, every situation and interaction is different. The portrayal of ones self within the context and scope is important as one needs to be internally aware depending on audience. But ones true self shines as authentic and it can be however it is a awareness and self reflection thing. Honesty and transparency are the pinnacle. Judgement and misinterpretation is a pitfall in how we impress upon others. Judgement and misinterpretation can quickly change a discussion conversation pitch, and in business/human relations.  As time goes on, in business client partnering and engagement the real person begins to show. Here an employee, manager and leader can accurately and productively find comfort in these habits as their real self is not just a business or work facade.  In a distracting, interrupting jagged work environment the real self awareness can allow for one to do what they need to do in order to be productive and efficient. This is likened to using the internal ‘real’ internal compass a guiding force for one either at the desk or at the water cooler. This may sound easy and I may be repeating an old adage in meeting and management and human resources scenarios. However, by being who we are, asking relevant questions, and persistently revising with genuine follow up as a real people who have no hidden agenda, we can ensure growth, solid relationships, and open up endless options and opportunities in the entrepreneurial and business world.


  1. #radandy, I couldn't agree more. I get a strong sense from your new blog that your business success comes from your respect for what we usually call networking, in business. It's funny, I never liked that term because it seems so forced an not at all authentic. As in, if I'm "networking", I have to act a certain way, etc. your perspective, along with one of my favorite business leaders' advice, "Be your authentic self", give me hope and restore my confidence. Thank you. Keep #blogging

  2. Thanks Judi, it is all about people when the day is done really. Glad you like the information. Keep reading!