Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Getaway Car: Not Just for Bank Robbing Anymore

This week the “MISmobile” rolled to a refreshing adventure to reflect and recharge

Yep, driving to a new place, even down the road, can help clarify so many things.

My wife, my collegue, Mosedale Integrated Solutions Continuity Director, Cindy Mosedale, and I made a conscious plan to unplug and remove ourselves from our day to day routines. Driving over the mountain and through the woods to our destination may seem mild to a travel blogger, but proved incredibly powerful for us.
We are, as I imagine many of you are, on life’s treadmill. It never seems to stop, and at times the incline gets quite steep. We are grateful to be blessed with busy and active children, family, friends, and community. Although fortunate to have such full lives, it was clear that we needed to break from routine and get an outside view of what seems to fly across a screen.

Boom! Cindy and I squared away the kids, jumped in the “getaway car”, and drove to a nearby Vermont Inn for an overnight adventure! Although close by and convenient, it still provided an opportunity for a positive shift from the day to day. #radandy’s motto: ‘everyday is a vacation day’ is used with tongue in cheek, but this was different. It was refresh/recharge at it highest level.  

Enjoy The Ride

Strapped into our tin can, radio playing, four wheels turning, no work, none of the ordinary distractions we’ve become so accustomed to, we wondered at first. Hmmm… lets talk about bills, the kids, projects at the house...NOT!!!
“You, you over there, I remember you!”, we thought, in our own ways. And very quickly it was, wow, we are really going! We shared ideas in fun. What will we do with this magical time? What will we eat? The spirit of the ride flooded in and the getaway to refresh and renew had begun! Some may think: aww like a date back in highschool. But, not really. We’ve grown and things are different. We are still responsible by the oscillation and obligations of life that constantly adjust our dreams. But change forces growth and discovery. Compromise is par for the course of life. Luckily, even a short getaway allowed us to forget all that. We could breathe fresh air and wisdom into the moment, and make a high school date look like old hat. We could make new dreams together, of what and how we wanted for each of us as individuals, as well as together. The realization is the recharge we quest, that is the know of the person by my side, my partner in crime. It was a much needed check-in, and it unfolded in the form of a 4-wheel journey: “the getaway”.

Eat and Sleep

It is hard to accept the standard public perception of being ‘in’.  It is hard to know what that is. Luckily, in my #radandy persona, I don’t even think about it.  My insides tell me who and what I am. Heck I have fun picking up on the attitude and self awareness of others.  So really, any room, place or environment I pervade #radandy. Why? How? Remember my motto: ‘every day is a vacation day’, ‘relax even when nervous’, ‘smile even when a bit sad’, and ‘move with assertive direction as two cats playing in the jungle’. Whether you get someone's attention, you at your table, with a new-found friend and companion, remember who you are. Across the table sits the getaway partner. Although planned, we feel and see our out of box, out of place trip/getaway from the home routine seem to provide individuality, and purpose. All things we need when back in the daily tunnel. So this is great, dinner.  We are out in a new place, away from the sink and the stove. A pleasant waitress serves foods cooked by someone else. And, there we are in the mid stride of our getaway!  

The People and Journey Along the Way and Back to Normalcy

Just as in work, there are people we find unpleasant in other environments. The getaway encourages us to interact and explore these places and the people in it without the standard stress and pressure we carry and/or bury.  We celebrate and experience a unique conversation and meeting with our Innkeeper, and a passerby on a trail. It is our collective stories that make the journey. The getaways fortifies who we are and strengthens us to return back to what we call the normalcy of the day. The conversations we have in getaway mode are not water cooler talk, or the mandated conversion of scheduling our day(s), They consist more of insights we learn by meeting someone along the way, a discussion over dinner in a time place outside the own digs of our regular circles.
I appreciate the greatness of how we live day to day, but just touching on the power of a change in placement and perspective. By no means do I think it is standard for co-workers or clients, etc. to be anti-social, nor our personal lives family cause us to be introverted. Simply that a small change can ignite a large inspiration. It can be noted that the outside impulsively planned getaways lead to the avant garde feelings and an eccentric interaction or two. There is surely refreshment and recharging expected in a getaway adventure of any sort. To box this up: a getaway recharges one perspective from the mundane, this get folded into the day to day when we find it hard to remove ourselves from it. People all along our journeys are instrumental in adding a new perspective. The mundane rolls off, differences are seen in the simplicity of routine. The getaway travel outside the box perspective adds fuel to us inside. These breaks help allow us to navigate our true motion, motives and goals in life.  As we run on the treadmill, look over our shoulder clasp hands with our partners, and know the getaway is the innerway for everyone to go about the day to day as if it is a vacation day. Hey, take it!

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