Friday, January 15, 2016

Partnerships: Have You Hugged Your Toolmaker Machinist Today?

In business, I find it quite interesting to reveal just who holds his or her cards closely, and who does not. In this, the age of information, with the accessibility of acquiring facts so easily though technology, the secret recipe can, at the very least, in part be found. However, it really is the process of seeking information via partnerships and business relationships that lead to one's individual success. It can also be the impetus to a business idea, or the missing piece that allows a dream to come true. Whether it is a financial, design, management or human resource, partners in any or all sectors, these connections are at the core of one's success. Much of my drive persists with fuel that reinforces an empty question–empty confusing vortex of overwhelmingness–has come from my established entrepreneur partners and collaborators. I find that opening up, showing pride in my idea and/or product, indicating to others the exacting knowledge I have, allows for their recognition of my personal expertise and authority. At the same time shared information piques my peers’ interests in how to unify in a common way. Whether toolmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, business leaders, or managers, to name just a few, if there is a take on my process––any process, any idea––sharing my passion fuels excitement, and yields a thoughtful understanding and feedback. It is a two way street. The expertise from one, lent to another, creates a shared experiences. This prevents those who work alone from feeling as though he or she is “getting off an island”. Please don’t misunderstand, this is no campfire soliloquy. This is business in the 22nd century. We have engaged informed citizenry, transparency, and high expectations. But there is still a vulnerability of understanding. Yes the jugular and trust is always at stake while the intuitive understanding of the same establish partnerships, face-to-face, person-to-person relationships, which have the power to propel an entrepreneurial drive to the next stage of business development and growth. Relative partnerships established create a snowball of momentum where all involve succeed. See Andy's Antics:
Tool makers and machinist, one of many partners: It’s not just the water cooler or hanging in the office cube- partners are real.

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