Friday, January 22, 2016

The team is not just for the field, court or the game.

Team! In business, in sports, in family, we have all heard one or more situations: "Go Team"; There is no ‘I’’ in team".; "Many hands make light work".; "There is power in numbers". Guess what? I say that it is all true! Building a solid team for business growth and development is perhaps the most important part of a manager's, or in my case, an Entrepreneur's job. The balance of identifying the skill sets necessary for my team, as well identifying each individual's (including my own) strengths and weaknesses, are crucial to make the team complete. With this knowledge, I can best lead my team to share my vision, and work toward a common goal. With solid teamwork, any business, non-profit, or individual needs momentum to grow. Granted in a team there is management, communication and disappointment but since there is no ‘I’ the teammates work best when recognizing a cavern, and promptly address it. In a team, as is commonly referred to in the military forces, team members "have each others' backs", they fortify other ideas when not necessarily truly understanding, or believing. Trust, confidence, and open communications solidify the larger capacity of the team. When every team member buys into this, and returns this backup feedback, the organization is armed with a transparent model. When the day is done it is fun, teammates can feel safe to provide each other new perspectives, or point out an outdated box look at one and many situations. When leaders at all levels are equally involved, momentum on projects move forward, and goals are realized. Keeping track of who, how, or what detracts from overall goals and its importance. I'm my experience, a well oiled machine (my team) works best organically, not with excessive meetings, emails, c.c.'s, etc. The spirit of any successful leader is how he or she embodies his or her drive into the team. So, yes, all the old sayings are true, I believe. That's the 'stuff' that makes a strong foundation to enable any organization grow, profit and succeed. GO TEAM!!!

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