Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Money Can Not Match the Value of True Friendship

Take calling your friend on his or her birthday, for example. I must confess I get help from Facebook to keep up. In my profession (which I swear to now call productivity), technology can be useful in that it reminds us of our friends’ birthdays. Unless falsified by the user, it is an accurate and handy little tool to have in our day to day balancing act. Maybe it's a post on a timeline or a thumbs up.
I particularly enjoy calling my close friends directly. At least once a year, I call Brooks Barber, a long-time childhood friend who has saved my ass more than once. I have had his back on just as many occasions. He always calls me too. He does not do the Facebook cheat I do. But rather my birthday every three years falls on Thanksgiving Day, so he has another calendar reminder. Hey, whatever works for us to thoughtfully follow up and reach out to our brotherly and sisterly brood. With the voice call, hearing is believing. It’s great when there is someone on the other end. ‘Brooks how is Cora...and the girls? Shreddebot? She’s getting close. Hey, remember screaming Eagles--when Daniel Sigman took that jump?’, I go on…  I don't tend to live in the past, although reminiscing in conversation actually vocalized once in awhile sure can wipe out my grumpy attitude. It brings back my mindset in a light I like. It's me. Yes, the usual radandy undertone. I'm a sucker for conversation. I love auditory feedback; heck it’s dance away into the speakers. ‘Ok talk soon. Come up let's golf Brooksie’...

In Person?

Even better than phone is a walk with a friend. As with so many things, external environments are influential on mood, feelings and how we react and adapt. Recently I snuck in a round of golf with a close friend Michael Bush, a loyal and respected client. We hugged, put our shoes on, and  chatted with club pro, and finally embarked on our mission. I know there are many parallels to golf as there are life to business relationships and sales. I could go on, but I won't. Ahhh!... the frustration at the 6th hole bunker, or that missed putt on the third related to loss of margins. Or, that missed opportunity to acquiesce a new client. Oh well; there are nine more holes. Really, in my book, there is no competition between money and friends. It is not about the analogy of these dynamics of the game and our work life/people/place/situations. One of the greatest values is just being with a friend; a pause in nature. The discussion of parenting, client engagement and mark up pricing. The taste of cold mountain water from an igloo cooler. A friend’s birthday is a hell of a reminder that there is infinite value to friendship.

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